Is it allowed for NPC's to have "cigs" (Animation purposes, not an actual tool in-game)

(Quick note: I’m not really sure if this is the right category to ask but I think it is.)

So I’m making a animated NPC in one of my shops and I was curious if it having a “cigarette” as prop is allowed, just for animation purposes, it will never be an actual tool in-game.

The reason I wanted to do so because I’m creating a city game like for “crimes” or however I say that, there will be no tools related to drugs or something like that, it’s only for NPC purposes, (Only cigarette, other drugs for NPC’s will not used because I feel like it will get my game closed)

How it goes: NPC sitting/relaxing on his chair and smoking a cigarette (Animation) ^

Thank you.

Nope, not allowed.


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Well damn, I guess I will do something else for it.