Is it allowed to add a pastebin link to the F9 console?

Hello Everybody. Im asking because i dont want my game to be deleted or my account to be banned. I have a game with a snippet of code named “MatchEngine” and “LightEngine” which the place description doesn’t see as a good word btw and these engines are the core of my game. My plan is to build a very good looking game with much user transparence and because of that i want to add a changelog to these engines.

In the version in Studio i already have the Pastebin link for the changelog to be printed. But I wont publish this update cuz I dont know if its bannable to add changelog links to the dev console.
Do you know if its allowed to do that?

btw this is game design so the forum should be right.


I don’t think you are allowed to show the user any URLs not whitelisted by Roblox. I’d recommend using packages to save your scripts to. Packages will be sharable with other players soon but in the meantime you can mark your packages as free and players can use them like any other Roblox model.


Thanks but I have a game where the engines are the core. The engines wont be available to users because the MatchEngine is scripted really complex and not universal to any other game. It would be easier to other scripters just to rescript. But I want to show the Visitors of the game what changed and what is better now. I guess i’ll have to make a GUI or startscreen like PhantomForces where you can access settings, changelogs and more. Well thanks.

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I see now… I’d recommend a GUI, however you can use the HTTPService to grab the content from a pastebin url and as long as you verify the content is safe and written by you can display it to the user.

Keep in mind though that if your pastebin account is stolen they will be able to update the content and display anything in your game and you’ll be responsible for that.

For a changelog I actually have been using packages (specifically a package containing a ModuleScript) since they can be updated in all of my games’ places. I then get the content from the ModuleScript by requiring it and displaying it in a GUI.


Intentional posting of unwhitelisted external links to the console is not allowed, as it falls under a bypass. If you want to display changelogs from an external source, query the data. Otherwise, use on-platform methods or ones that are permitted.

  • External fetch: PasteBin does support GET requests where you can get raw paste data. For the sake of security, passing the fetched text through filtering should be done. Just be wary about the concerns of involving third party services you have no insight or guarantees for.

  • DevForum post: You can make a thread in #bulletin-board about your updates, then link that in the game description. Just call it engine updates, you don’t have to give it an explicit name via the site.

  • Script: See Hexcede’s replies.

  • Gui: See Hexcede’s replies.

Despite all this, I’d look at your situation carefully. Your engine isn’t open source or usable by others, so it doesn’t make much sense to extensively document internals. A low percentage of users will actually read such logs anyway. In addition, the console gives little visibility.

You should be focused on publishing only game update logs that are relevant to the user. This means new features, patched bugs and anything that a user may want to see. Technical details of a game don’t concern a user unless it’s related to issues they were or are having.


I think it’s against Roblox TOS. But no one notices it in dev console cuz regular players don’t know about dev console or pressing f9. So risk of getting banned is low. And the ban would be like a warning so it’s not that serious to put pastebin link to dev console.

This is not a very ethical business strategy. Just use one of the many other legitimate methods provided.

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I just mentioned that the risk of getting banned is low

I am still aware of those legitimate methods