Is it allowed to mention discord (not server links directly) in game?


I have been working on a game and I want to improve monetization and make the game benefit my growth as a developer. One thing that i wanted to implement was a shop page, where users who join my discord server and connect their roblox account to a discord account & boost my server would be granted limited time ingame rewards that change every month, the longer you stay the more your older rewards upgrade (Similar to a system like Fortnite crew), alternatively they can also pay via a direct subscription system that roblox has added sometime ago, but i want to make multiple ways for users to have access to this kind of system. So discord boosting would also work here.

Now I am not planning on directly mentioning the discord server itself. Just the word “Discord” on the UI tab dedicated to these rewards.

From what I know users <13 are not allowed to view social links, i have seen other games integrate twitter mentions before. Is there some API to check if a user is allowed to view social links on the client?

So if a user would be under 13 or not allowed to view social links I would obviously not even show that section of the shop to said users.

Is this theoretically allowed?


No, since its a filtered word. Use “Community Server” for that case