Is it allowed to obfuscate our game code?

Since roblox updated thier TOS, they made it clear that every piece of code you write will be used in thier AI. Now to the point, am I allowed to obfuscate code that is only used in my game? Roblox haven’t said anything about obfuscation in thier TOS and it generally feels much safer to obfuscate, since roblox doesn’t seem to care about thier actions at all lately.

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Don’t think that obfuscating your code is against the TOS. It’s only breaking the TOS if you obfuscate your code to execute malicious scripts.

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Obfuscating code on roblox is against roblox term’s of service for more info please read the following article :

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Update to my previous statement - Roblox would only take action against your Scripts if they have a high number of reports against them, when they see that it’s obfuscated. See here for a post that explains in detail more about this:

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There isn’t really any benefit to obfuscation tbh, especially server code.

Obfuscated code can still be easily reverse engineered.

And obfuscated code usually has much worse performance.

Whether its allowed or not though is sort of a blur, its 100% not allowed on uploaded assets, but it should be fine in your own game.

This is incorrect. You can obfuscate your own game code.

What this sentence from the terms of use is referring to is uploading obfuscated scripts to the marketplace/toolbox as this could be used to hide malicious intent/viruses.

roblox games are “contents” as well for example when game gets deleted it says “Content deleted” for a reason

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This guideline is not about obfuscation in general. It’s about uploading obfuscated malicious code to something like the toolbox that would disrupt the players’ experience.

Normal, non-malicious code obfuscation is not affected by this guideline. OP can most definitely obfuscate their code without any repercussions. I would even encourage it for certain assets, like anticheats.

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