Is it allowed to recreate someones art from the internet?

Hello, I just want to ask if I’m allowed to recreate someones art from the internet into studio and possibly use it in a game.

I found this nice Low poly build from the internet and recreated it in studio with some alterations and I’m wondering if I can put it in a game where I can possibly earn money. Is it necessary to contact the artist for permission?


My Build


I redid the roof and all it lacks is some finishing touches in the roof like small blocks. There are some color differences in the roof which I forgot to change.


It would make sense to give them credit.

Would just giving credit suffice?

A lot of artist are ok with just credit, but not all. mostly depending on who you give credit to

You don’t have to give any credit at all. You can build whatever you want. Credit is nice to give, but not mandatory. As long as you’re making it 100% new in studio, it’s fine. So no using assets from the original creator


For this, you should also look into the terms of service of the website. Marketplaces will sometimes include information about copying work without access to the original model in the terms of service or some other form of license. Beyond that, some artists don’t like direct copies of models because they don’t get compensation for their work, so contacting the original creator would be a good idea. I would strongly recommend not doing a complete copy compared to using the style (pallet, patterns, etc).


Yeah, I made everything new in studio. Everything else other than the roof is based on the art. I changed the roof into plain and added a few small parts as some sort of tile for detail so I’m guessing that should be fine.

Of course it is fine to be inspired by someone else’s work. There are no copyright laws against recreated work however like the other people have noted, it might be a little more respectfull to give credit to the initial creator.

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It’s one thing to be inspired by others art, and incorporate some aspects of that into your own work. But it’s another thing to just try to recreate the asset in question.

What I usually do is try to recreate the original (cause I’m very uncreative) and then I go back through the model and basically make it my own (this is only for architecture). Removing bits here and there and totally adding new pieces. (Totally has nothing to do with the last sentence lol) For instance for the character of “The Last Guardian” the concept artist tasked with creating the main character used several existing artworks as reference but only took the pieces of it that intrigued him to combine it into a single new asset.

If your end result is the asset in question. Then you probably started off with the wrong intention when using it as inspiration.

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