Is it allowed to remake a map from a movie?

I want to remake a castle arena map from a movie, but I dont know if thats allowed and if I will get copyright striked ( I dont intend on stealing textures, I will do the whole thing with roblox materials)
I have read this article but it doesnt say anything specific about maps.

I have seen other developers build maps from movies, for example kings landing from game of thrones, I dont know if they asked for permission from the creators of game of thrones.’

Also the game Half-Blox 2 has clearly copied textures and maps from the game half life 2 (I dont know if they asked for permission from valve.[the developer of HF2])

So far I have messaged roblox support via email two days ago but I still have not gotten a response.

What are your thoughts?

Edit 22.06.2020
After three days, roblox support replied and all they said is that I have to contact a lawyer and read the terms of use and this article about copyright which I have already read while I was waiting for them to reply and all of this still doesnt answer my question…


I think it will be ok. But you shouldn’t copy 100% of the map. Make something different and your own.

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I guess that’s allowed as soon as it is just a reference. I think the map shouldn’t be exactly the same.

Btw, due to coronavirus, it might take more time to get a response. They will probably say they can’t answer, too. You’d better ask a lawyer.

Yes, this is allowed, although do not add most of the original logos or anything to do with copyright. Ensure that this Movie Map and names and everything involved is not Copyrighted or Trademarked or anything along the lines. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I can’t provide legal advice on this but there’s this Roblox game called Half-Blox 2 which is a remake of the game, Half-Life 2 and everything is about the same, so I think you should be in the clear. Don’t take my word for it though, please do some research first.

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Obligatory IANAL, obligatory “I might have no idea what I’m talking about”.

Environments in narrative works are still copyrightable works, though it can vary from case to case and it depends on how much you’re actually recreating. Parodying is a good route to take, but just be wary of potential infringing cases if your work is similar to or exactly a make of the source material you’re working with.


It completely depends on how much you are wanting to copy. Landscapes and scenes are still copyright-able as it is a form of artwork. It also varies on how strict the laws are and such, but definitely make sure there are no logos. Any logos can result in a copyright strike, which is what happened with Brick Bronze. I would personally recommend using the movie as a reference and add your own style to things just to make sure.