Is it allowed to use exploits on his own expirionce to make better anticheats?

hello. i made my own exploit plugin for studio, and now i want to ask if i am allowed to use it on my OWN game to Execute scripts from youtubers and create better anti cheats against them to secure my game.
is that allowed?

Edit: i never exploited in an game, i hate exploiters because they ruin good games. the only reason why i made my own executor is to protect games from hackers.

It’s a plugin, not a real exploit, so yes

But why do a exploit plugin if you can execute commands client-side using the command bar of roblox studio? It’s totally the same, you can do all commands that a exploit can there.

you caan use command bar to load offsite exploits ?? like parvus hub and vape bedwars cheats?

thats really new to me, i dont think this would work

Yes, all you can do on exploits, you can do on command bar, but just work on test mode of roblox studio, it isn’t the /console of game.

bruh… the exploits check the placeid and also downkload assets from github and pastebin. that wont work in studio /:

it definitely wont work in studio. i want to execute infinite yield in my game to crack the code and make an automod system

Aslong as it uses built in lua functions and doesnt mess with game files you are ok. Its literally a studio plugin, ofc its allowed.

so, whats the name of the plugin?
and is it able to load offsite link assets?

There’s no exploit that can download asets from github I think.

To download information, it need to be on server side, and exploits only work on client side.

And you can’t execute a exploit from Adopt Me (for example) to your game, bcs tht exploit was made to work with Adopt Me events, not your game events.

No idea tbh

because i am trying to patch the Saveinstance() function of synapse x and krnl

Exploits use extended api made by reverse engineers, you can always check synapse documentation, not like its illegal to learn about exploit functions. They arent limited to Luau only functions.

there is one, for example bedwars vape hub and parvus hub. they use loadstring to access githubs_content

and i need to get access to these so i can rip off the scripts and brek down the code. and then ill make an anticheat and publish in toolbox

I would recommend you simply use command line. However are you allowed to use exploits in your own game for the purpose of enhancing your anti-cheat? I would say yes in general as long as you don’t do it in a public server and interfere with the experience of others. I’d say the answer is yes. But please preform these exploits in a private server or server with only you or people who have consented to have their experience interfered with.

“because i am trying to patch the Saveinstance() function of synapse x and krnl”

Good luck lol

The TOS doesn’t allow exploiting in own games. Executing code that is limited to the APIs available to local scripts is allowed but using APIs locked to the client is not.

Yeah that’s impossible to do. If it’s accessable on client you can copy it.

thanks! thats the solution ( :

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