Is it bannable?

To have in-game advertisements [like the ones you see hung on buildings] that advertise YT channels/discord servers? [People won’t be able to post ads manually, they’ll have to get an approval from me, and I will check if their ads are appropriate].

You can’t, it has to be filtered to <13 Users

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but if the channel/server are appropriate/helpful?
Remember that I first approve their ads and then put them in the game

You can’t anyways, it’s the new Advertisements Guidelines
(Pretty dumb I know)
(Also I suggest you don’t put their decal directly in, as it may be edited)

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Maybe before joining the game ( Then save ) add a screen where it makes the user insert their age and then check if they’ re under 13 and if they are then don’ t make ads show on their client

You can, but the only advertisable content allowed is a Roblox group just to be safe.