Is it better to have more parts or more meshes?


Hey there!
So I’m about to make some props for a place, over 60 in fact.
These range from pens to huge computer towers.

Should I make them all into meshes, which will not only make it easier for me to create, but better looking too.
Or should I make them out of parts?

I need to know this for performance reasons, which is better.


Parts lag, but meshes and parts overall have the same performance. They both lag in their own way. I would stick with meshes but also build some stuff out of parts, to have some originality


In short parts and unions generally have more polys, since extra faces aren’t reduced/eradicated in comparison to meshes. As a general tip, use meshed for complex models that are placed more than once in a place (you only need to load the model once in a place). Tip number two would be to try and make the poly count low. Don’t let your goal be 5k just because that’s what roblox accepts. Try and optimize wherever and whenever you have the opportunity. If you are using blender, make heavy use of the “decimate” modifier.