Is it better to use motor6d or welds for auras?

So, I enjoy making auras and I’m wondering with parts that spin around the player is it better to use welds constraints or motor6ds. I’ve watched some tutorials and most use motor6d for it. Any second opinions?

Weld constraints not for sure, welds would be better, but then you would need to handle it on every single client seperately, not on the server for a smooth effect.

If you want it to be randomised/changed I recommend using a weld of some sort like that.

Though a motor6d can be a lot more customisable with what it can do, but it is not easy to make it unique per player and so on.

motor6ds are better for auras overall, weld constrainting the aura to a part is fine but you’re unable to animate using them

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One thing I have noticed is that with weld constraints it’s a lot easier to spin and move.

Well if you check the devforums at all you will notice that weld constraints also easily break, so for anything which needs randomising just use welds and edit the C0 / C1 property.

Other then that use motor6d, because they require less effort and only have to run by 1 script, unlike the weld which has to be handled by every single client.

Weld has to be used by every single client???