Is it feasible to save all information in a single datastore?

My Current DataStore:

It’s a little sad to look at this code, full of functions.
Would it be better to save all this information in a single DataStore?

Another thing I’ve been considering is the “ProfileService”, which would be pretty viable too but I’m a little lost as to migrating the data from the datastore to the profileservice. What would be the best option in this case?

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If you want to save all of them then you can save a table with all of the values and then once they rejoin set the values to the value that is in the table. If thats what you’re asking, I’m a little confused what the question is but I hope that helps

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i would recommend creating 2-3 datastores. you can combine maybe the stats, energy, and major info into one big datastore. then you could just keep the others. good luck!

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Definitely store a user’s data in a single data store. Much easier to fetch/update data.

Game data that isn’t necessarily tied to specific players, can be saved to separate data stores.