Is it fine to sell items you will use?

(i set category as game design because i don’t know whether or not to include certain models, and if there is any category that would be better to put this in, please let me know.)

Hi, i recently made some 3d tree models in blender, and i am wondering if it’s fine to sell models that i plan to use.



I don’t see why not, unless you’re under some contract that specifically prohibits you using sold creations. The buyers might frown upon it though, but unless you sell the rights it’s still your IP.


Some people like having the exclusivity to certain assets they purchase. If you are selling one asset to numerous people then that might hurt you commissions wise. Personally if I’m buying car models for example i wouldn’t want those same car models being used across the site. There is nothing wrong with it morally as long as they are okay with you doing so. Contractually however is a different story.

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As long as it isn’t an already free Roblox asset, then yes; you can sell it. It’s just a matter of whether the person you are selling it to is willing to buy it and still acknowledges that the model has been used in other projects.

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It’s your intellectual property, you can do what you want with it.

Some people may prefer to completely own the assets when buying as @kinkocat said.

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As Elliott said, you can do what you want with it but… it would be nice if you told them about it when selling them.

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This is more of a moral question in my opinion. You should be providing this information to the buyer that you will be using these models in your own games/projects, and that they will not have an exclusive license to the material you’re selling. Say that you will allow them to use it in any way except claiming the work as their own, this will make sure you still own the intellectual property (IP).

You should also try to imagine yourself as the buyer, would you not want the exclusive and the only rights to the product? Or would you let someone else use it in their games as well. It’s really up to you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and I’m not suited to provide you with legal assistance. I based my answers on what I know regarding IP (Intellectual Property). Please do not treat these answers as response from a lawyer.

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It all depends on the deal you’ve made with the buyer.

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Well, I think the best is to sell them when you don’t need them anymore.