Is it helpful to use other social platform to promote Roblox game?

Hello, Developers!

So Roblox recently update that users under the age of 13 will no longer be eligible to see any type of ads.
We can still use sponsor, but I have a question.
Does using social platforms help to promote game to the under the age of 13?
(etc. like: YouTube, twitter and more)

Thank you

Yes, social media is a good way to grow games

Good game + popular youtube channel + people interested = most likely success

I think those were removed from under 13 users also

Ok so on tiktok there is a very good way:

  1. Like videos regarding roblox games similar to ur game. follow some people and get some followers back
  2. once ur in the algorithm for the style of your game, release some videos. this will draw attention
  3. sponsor the videos. 10 dollars on sponsors on tiktok go farther than sponsors on roblox. in addition, the players who come from tiktok are more likely to be concurrent because it is not a random game they found