Is it just me or is the forum acting weird?

So basically I noticed in the last couple of days that the forum is acting very weird.

every time I try to open it it takes like FOREVER to load.
That and how it keeps logging me out, sending me to things I did not even click on.
And a bunch of other stuff.

The forum is just acting so weird and I have no idea why.
Like it took me 7 minutes before the forum loaded so I could make this topic! Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Cause its really weird ngl.

Also if this is the wrong category please correct me!


This is a known issue. The forum doesn’t have great performance.

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I do not have this problem. Is your internet connection stable? Does this happen on other browsers/devices?

I have this problem also, particularly today. It kept logging me out of the Devforum, a day or so ago.

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I think it’s because of that “Human Verification” thing, I believe the devforums is in traffic rn (I found a topic by @SubtotalAnt8185 while the troll post “Curious George is a black boy, and people in the show are racist” is still running, and LuaCow stated that there is a traffic going on rn, and @Dede_4242 showed the source of the traffic, which is exactly that troll topic, however, today, I don’t seem to find troll topics)

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Keep in mind that this report is relatively recent compared to that and was posted long after that traffic occurred.

But I’d advise to @FroDev1002 to refresh the page and check if it does say human verification anyways.

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It does ask if I want to verify. And by golly it is freezing everything to lol

What happened last time is the page would not respond to the server. It wouldn’t freeze up or anything, just blocked out of the server. When refreshing, the title changed to “Human Verification” for a second, then the forum loaded.

Is this what you’re experiencing when you say

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It seems this problem has gone away now though,