Is it normal for client's lua heap memory to continually increase?

I’ve begun to learn performance enhancing and i came across this value called LuaHeap in the memory section of the dev console located under place memory. I noticed that for my game this value is continually increasing all be it slowly (about 1mb per minute).

I tried disabling all of my client sided scripts and yet this value continues to increase. There are objects that are spawned into the game server side but that shouldn’t be effecting the LuaHeap value according to what i’ve looked up.

Any one have any advice or things that i should research? I’ve tried to find an in depth description of what exactly this value is but havent really found anything.

forgot to mention that i have played on an empty baseplate and from what i can tell the LuaHeap value seems to remain relatively constant

Might be a memory leak that is caused by your scripts.

It could be the server as well, perhaps it’s creating too many instances.

how when it still raises when i disable every single client script?

can the server effect the lua heap on the client?

Like I said, it could be creating too many instances somewhere that replicates to the client. Additionally, if you’re testing in Studio, you’re using a local server and perhaps that makes it shown there, although I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

could be right about studio but ill test ur server replicator theory although i dont think thats the case. im careful with how i limit the spawning of items. they are limited and dont spawn infinitely.

There are few another topics which says the same thing, I think this is an issue from Roblox itself.

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im not too sure about that because the issue is much less pronounced in an empty baseplate. but i guess i should go and look in other games see if it happens there too

Probably the same problem from here