Is it normal for roblox materials to deform like this?

I am learning retopology on blender and thought i was doing well until i saw this, is this a problem with roblox or a problem with my retopology thanks.



You need to fix the normals on your blender mesh.

To do this, simply go in Edit Mode > Select all your vertices > Mesh > Normals > Recalculate Outside

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All of the normals are already facing the correct way

Its this thats bugging me

I’d check the UV map in Blender.


is this the reason?


I have no clue how to fix it with unwrapping


The UV island for the face in general looks asymmetrical so something’s broken up on one side. The chunk missing from the nose also looks problematic. Those UVs are on there somewhere in that layout but they’re not continuous, and noncontinuous UVs makes a noncontinuous texture.

A quick and dirty UV unwrapping method is to look at the model in the perspective view face on, select what you want to unwrap (in this case probably the whole model), then do UV > “Project from view (bounds)” – you can also get there by using the “u” hotkey. If the sides curve too far there might be some artifacts but it won’t break up the UVs.

Watch some videos if it needs further refinement. I UV unwrapped in Maya more than Blender so I haven’t used much more than Blender’s standard unwraps, one of them is usually close enough with maybe a little manual tweaking in the UV window.

I tried this but its still bugged I’m probably just going to simplify the topology

Ok, I see what is happening.

It’s just the way the material image tiles.

It’s really just something on roblox’s end.


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