Is it normal if your game's studio file is over 3,40mb?

Sorry if this is not the right category and sorry if this is a stupid question.

game developing is so stressful. Every time I see my studio game file go up 0,20mb I shatter instantly. is it normal for it to be that size? Is it too big? Do I even have to worry about these things?

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Hello, you have no information on how big the game is other than the mb size, consider giving instance count.

Thus, you shouldn’t be stressed because it’s not a big problem

Assuming you’re talking about save files (.rbxl), sizes ranging from 0kb-10mb are completely normal and to be expected depending on place size, massive places could be even larger in filesize.

I have projects that I barely worked on that are usually around 300-800kb, and projects I devoted more time to go around 1-7mb

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thank you for the replies. i feel more sane now