Is it OK if I use 2 diffirent themed GUIs?

Hello guys.
Today, I realized, that I shouldn’t add “Craft” section into inventory, bc how I implemented everything other.
But I still need to show info to player, about how to make certain things, like to make planks you need use saw on log, to make copper you need smelt copper ore and etc.
And I got idea to fit all important info into book. But here comes problem of my UI design…
Book is smth that made out of paper, and IDK, if it will look good with this theme:

So I got question - will it look good, if I use for books paper-ish theme? Or I’ll better keep style above?


Well there’s many kinds of book page styles that you could use, although I assume you might be talking about the typical yellowed paper with what I can see in the image.

I don’t really know the style of the game besides the basic genre, but I’d say having the paper style is your best bet.

I do have one suggestion though, it would probably be beneficial to add icons along with the text for the tabs, some examples I have in mind are:

  • Resources could be a cube,
  • Food could be… idk an apple,
  • Tools should be whichever tool people use most,
  • Clothes could be a shirt icon,
  • Buildings could be a pile of bricks.

This would improve accessibility for people who might not be able to read, have difficulty reading certain text, and would add a bit of cool style.

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You understood me a bit incorrectly. Image I provided is inventory one, and I did every other GUI in my game like that. So menu, inventory, player’s stats and etc. But I think that books won’t look good with design above, so I asked will it look good if I implement it too?


Well in that case, it would probably not be a good idea to do that. It’s best to have a sort of unity with your UI’s styles.