Is it ok to use car brands if I don't profit off of my game?

i am currently making a car game and i’d like to use brands like mclaren, toyota, etc so players can recognize which is their favorite car

would this be legal if i don’t profit off of this game? or do i have to get a license


I believe copywrite covers making any copy of an item no matter what it is used for.


alright thanks, any idea how i would contact the manufacturers or no

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You could contact them on a different social platform or email them…But, they can still slam you with a copyright © any time they want, regardless the non profit or not. I recommend you make your own made-up brands for cars.

I say this because it will be hard anyway to get there approval.


They could always sue you if they want, and they’ll win. But it’s probably fine, why spending 40K USD to sue a random creation in a Lego game?

Probably don’t wanna disturb them, they might mistake you as the actual admins of roblox asking for a business cooperation until they realize that you’re not, would be mad.

No, you need to get a license because you can always profit due to premium payouts. The only way to turn off premium payouts is to make your game paid access, and that obviously isn’t an option.


I think that it is allowed, because the same goes for downloading pirated videos (movies tv shows etc.), it’s okay until you start selling it.

I guess but its better to change names like Toyota to Takeshi or Toyoda

Or do what I think jailbreak has done, the lamborghini is called La Matador because of the bull in the icon….

And you still make profit with paid access xd

Yeah I know that’s why I said

It’s obviously still profiting off it lol

i dont have premium though

You don’t need Premium to get Premium Payouts because those payouts come from players who do have Premium (based on how long they play).

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