Is it okay to Buy Ugc using USD?

I suppose there’s no easy way for them to tell - however, it’s still pretty unethical. Plus, if they do find out somehow, you’re toast.


Before I answer, this is purely based on my own speculation of how they could do it. Since they have their Discord server linked on the platform and the transactions between users are also available by Roblox staff; it definitely is very possible to have their entire profile poisoned with bans after seeing what the server is about. Roblox has a policy against third-party TOS breaking

That definitely screams shady black market to me. Definitely are a lot of red flags. I highly recommend just focusing on obtaining items without having to resort to TOS-breaking.


Rereading it now, I have no idea why I didn’t proofread as I meant to say hats. But either way, and as the other guy stated, my point still stands

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