Is it okay to Buy Ugc using USD?

I think this is in the right category. Please tell me if it is not.

I have been noticing many exclusive ugc limited items on the catalog that look really good. Upon further research by going to into the discord server of the groups/uploaders of these items, I found out that they want either USD for the item or a lot of robux.
Example: 50 USD or 22,000 robux for the super cool hat

Is it okay to buy slots for a limited ugc? I have heard some youtubers say that it is not but I see other people pay USD and they get the item. Some of these items good in my opinion which makes me tempted to buy them using USD. ( I do not have close to 20,000 robux on my account)

These groups I see selling these items seem to not be scams. In one particular discord server, they have a list of usernames of who bought the item. Checking their inventory, they do have the item.

I also see the method of selling ugc items for USD becoming a lot more popular once public ugc comes out since you do not have to dev ex your robux and wait.

The essential question: Is it okay to buy ugc limited slots using USD? Will I be moderated for it?

I need this answered since I am tempted to buy some ugc limiteds that only want USD as a payment.

To clarify: I mean pay robux through a game pass and then be able to go into a game where the item you want can be purchased for free.


I’m pretty sure there is a rule that says that buying things with real money in exchange for ROBUX is bad so most likely not

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It’s not an exchange for robux. Those groups basically want you to either pay a lot of robux for the item. They let you into a private game and then you are able to buy the item for free.

The same thing happens if you pay with usd. You still get the item either way.
(They usually accept paypal and cashapp)


That is against TOS. You are required to buy the item using Robux and not through any third-party (like you paying someone to give the item/buy it on your account). You have to purchase it through the Roblox marketplace using Robux you can purchase through the website

TOS for reference:


The other way I mentioned would be to buy a gamepass they link you and then you get the item through a game for free. Would that be okay?

I think it might be a bit risky since they could scam you though.

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That is still against TOS as you are not purchasing the item yourself directly through the marketplace


Sometimes rules need to be broken once in awhile…not encouraging any behavior, but I understand why he might do it.

I need to give this post some relevance, so I am going to say that it is very unethical and unfair to other players. This hurts the community so much. Like so much you don’t understand its so deep.



Robux for limited is allowed lol.

If these people can give the UGC items to whoever they want, then it mean it is a “free” limited UGC obtainable in-experience, so it can’t be bought on the marketplace.

In fact you can make players get these items however you want, like if you want to make a product that cost 20.000 Robux which people need to buy to unlock the limited UGC (in this same experience) and then claim it, you can.

The only thing agains’t TOS is to make it obtainable by cross trading, selling for USD and other things like this.


This raises another question then. How would users be moderated for doing this?

All roblox can see is that a user has gotten a ugc limited for free which does not necessarily mean usd bought. It could have been them just being fast enought to get a low stock item, a private drop from the creator to his friends, or just uploader who got the item for himself.

All these transactions are taking place out of roblox’s eyes.


against TOS, I’ve seen it too, but i got my few items when they put them on sale on the groups. in some ways I didn’t want to but the items were cool so temptation over took.

However this is going to be a big thing once public UGC comes out and that is not a good thing, scams will most likely be a huge issue.
Also think about the platform, all this could have a negative effect in the long run. not to mention all these items thats being made…


I mean by buying a gamepass and then being linked to a game where the ugc that you want is give for free.

Example: You pay 5 usd through paypal or cashapp or 500 robux through a gamepass, and then you are able to buy the item in a game where it will charge 0 robux to you since you already paid

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In this case no, this is agains’t the TOS.

For the gamepass not sure, i guess it is allowed but it have to be on the same experience, like you buy the gamepass, unlock and claim the UGC in this same experience.

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That is a whole different thing. I assume that it isn’t a free limited that the game provides, but a way to hold UGC for you to give it away when purchased through a 3rd-party service that isn’t Robux

Yep, thats basically what the game is for. To hold the ugc item until you get it inside for free.

Is the UGC being sold by the creators and has to be purchased through Robux? Like, the UGC is made by them. If they didn’t make it or you do not purchase it with Robux; it is 100% against TOS since it is not through Roblox directly. Roblox needs that 30% cut, after all

The creator of the group has an uploader that uploads the items for him and the creator is the one managing the items.

I am assuming the creator made the item and had an uploader upload it for him.

Here is the link to the group I am talking about: forecastle - Roblox
Check their discord server that is linked as that is where they have the prices for the items. It is also where you can make a ticket to purchase it either through usd or through robux via gamepass.

Then that is 100% against TOS as they are selling it through a Discord server and not Roblox. The game has 0 gamepasses on it

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It’s simple: no. It’s against TOS for USD (or any real-money) transactions to take place outside of buying robux.


Thank you guys for the clarification.

One last question though. How can users be moderated for doing this if roblox can’t see what they are doing since it takes place off site?

If you don’t see the gamepass in the main game, then it is probably hidden in one of the creator’s game to maybe keep track of who buys it so that they can accordingly be awarded the item which is also in a hidden game.

I don’t think they want random people buying the gamepass and going over the stock limit.

This is what most groups do.