Is it okay to make a recruitment posts for my dev group owner?

Heyo! Is it okay to make a post about the owner of my development group wanting investors? He assigned me to do it because he saw I was on the forums. Am I allowed to make it or not?

It’s been confirmed by @colbert2677 that this is allowed if I’m part of the dev team, which I am.

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Don’t take my word at full face value though, that’s only the extent of my own knowledge. If someone with better understanding of the forum’s dynamic comes and tells you it’s not, it’s probably not.

Proxy posting of any kind is typically frowned upon and the person in charge of the project should be the one posting for the sake of etiquette and communications (makes it easier to reach out to the actual person running the project).

I figure that you’d be allowed to do it in Public Collaboration given you can be identified as a project runner due to being a developer. I know that it’s been done before but I’m not about to use the “others do it” justification here.


I’m aware that this topic is closed. However, it was previously stated on the Developer Forums Guidelines that you may not post for others. Not sure if there are exceptions on whether you are a developer or not, but just try to be on the safe side.

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It says you may not post for users that can not post there already, such as posting in Lounge (member only category) For a New Member, or posting in Scripting Support for a non-devforum user.

Better solution: I’ve been told by @sergantroach
That it isn’t allowed.