Is it okay to rebuild Nuketown in Roblox?

Nuketown is a very iconic place, as it was literally the testing ground for a nuclear bomb. It also became very popular with Call of Duty. Specially the Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 games.

However, it is a real location, and was grounds for the testing of a very lethal bomb.

I was wondering if it is allowed by the Terms of Service to recreate this location in Roblox or is it against the ToS?

Thanks in advance!


It’s fine I think. I’ve played a few popular games that had a Nuketown map in it.

There is nothing wrong with recreating the site of something like that, or rather, it isn’t against the ToS so far as I can find.

The idea of recreating Nuketown isn’t a new one, as it has been done in many CoD based games on ROBLOX (such as Call of Robloxia). ROBLOX has never taken any action against a build like Nuketown and they have no real reason to. ToS topics, relating to building in particular, only focus on the prohibition of sexual content and exceedingly graphic depictions.

For safety’s sake, so long as you aren’t using this build to recreate the aforementioned lethal bombing tests (which I highly doubt is your intention anyway), you will be in perfect compliance with the Terms of Service.


Nope, this isn’t against ToS. You shouldn’t get moderated, or copyright striked… Or anything of the sort!

It’s ok but if you want to be on the safer side, you should add your own twist to it. Just don’t make a 1:1 replica of it.


Yeah its fine, And i also agree with @Krunnie

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Twists that you can add to avoid any issues are:

  • Add another building (Nuketown has 2 that you can go into, maybe add another)
  • ^Same thing for the cars/trucks in the middle
  • Instead of the biome being a desert (I think that’s what it is) make it in a rainforest or plain.
  • Change the name Nuketown to something else.

It’s totally fine if you make it a little different or create it on your own from the ground up. I made this nuketown-style map called “Suburbia” in my game, Nerf FPS: