Is it possible for exploiters to manipulate their mouse's coordinate?

I am planning to make a rhythm game which you click circles that match up with the rhythm of the music, basically a clone of Osu!.

However, I do have some concerns about how exploits could be applied in this situation here and I came up with a question as the title of this post.

Are there any exploit API that can let exploiters set their mouse’s coordinate?
Something similar to ’ setmouseposition( Udim2 ) ’ ?

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There are external programs that allow them to move their mouse to predetermined pixel positions, there are also C# libraries that allow you to move your mouse.

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Most exploiters use exploits like Synapse or Krnl, those are the programs that I’m worried about, do they allow you to move your mouse?

I don’t know for sure, I haven’t tried any of them. If someone really wanted to cheat though all it would take is a 10 min tutorial to figure out how to move their mouse though using C#.

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Byfron is gonna be released soon so I wouldn’t worry too much


Could you explain me what is ‘Byfron’?

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Byfron is the new Roblox anti-cheat, intended to launch very soon, rendering conventional means of exploiting ineffective.


Byfron or what the anti-tamper is actually called Hyperion is a new software that Roblox acquired to stop exploits

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Yes. You can look at documentation for Synapse if you want. But exploits can also just fire mouse button events so they don’t need to do this.

Doesn’t help if they manipulate their mouse movement without injecting anything into the roblox application :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I am 100% sure Synapse X will bypass that in one day, Synapse has never let their customers down. They actually got much user protection

Check out:

<void> mousemoverel(<number> x, <number> y)  
<void> mousemoveabs(<number> x, <number> y)  

That is simply just not true. From what I have heard, synapse has hacky workaround solutions that only work for some of their userbase. The remaining are left with crashes and other bugs.

As the pointer is not necessarily handled by Roblox, it can always be moved by external software.

I think you might be able to just check if the mouse is perfectly in the center of the circle constantly everytime it clicks, that should be a pretty good way to detect cheating.

For now at least, Synapse X users simply switch the old 32-bit client to avoid byfron if they are part of the 64-bit client test group. This will be possible until the 64-bit client has been fully rolled out. It will not be too long before exploit devs support Byfron anyways.

That’s what they’re doing, they advised their clients to use the 32 client for now in their discord server.

I usually like to think: anything on the client side is vulnerable to being hacked or cheated.

Has been working for 4 years with only 2 random crashes