Is it possible to add eggphone to your game?

Im just curious if you can add a functional egg phone to my game i tried with the item but if i equip it it doesnt show up with the gui i just want to know if it is possible to get it to work


Yes, it’s possible to add the eggphone into your game and give it working functions.

Perhaps show a model of the phone, the properties of the tool and any relevant scripts that contribute to the functionality of your phone? There isn’t much people can do if you simply state that you tried to do it but it doesn’t work, because we don’t know the logic behind how your phone works.

Also, don’t doubt your own abilities or Roblox’s API if something doesn’t work. From how you phrased your question it sort of feels like you’re wondering if Roblox can even support such a tool, which from what you’ve said so far I believe is possible.

get the btroblox extention and you can see how the item works (- scripts) right from the website

Can you put the eggphone in the StarterPack?

Perhaps send a link containing the item or directly copy and paste the code into a post? I’m not sure where to look after considering what you said.

yes but the gui breaks and this needs to be 30 letters long

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So can I assume what you’re trying to do is make the eggphone act like an actual cellphone rather than just allow players to equip it as a decoration? I’m not too sure what you mean here, since you’re mentioning a GUI in the first post.

So, you want to add this as a gear?

eggxactly i want it to work and i wish the message didnt need 30 characters

no lol thats easy i want it to work

If I am correct, what he wants is to add it into his game and have it function just like it did in the egghunt games.

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I dont get why you would want to do this because the egghunt is over but you have to set your game gears to navigation only

why i dont get it it doesnt make sense i can add the item itself

The eggphone and its native functionality really is only meant for games participating in the egg hunt. As far as I know, this is how event gear usually is: functional only for event places and not for places outside. It is possible to add the eggphone to your game but probably not in the same way other games do it. That being said, this is wholly an assumption, I’ve never actually checked the source code (if there even is any).

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i checked the item and it does have the gui and the scripts in it