Is it possible to change the appearance of the toolbar?

Guys iam trying customize the toolbar

I just want to turn it into a circle with a golden border

Is tha possible ? or no

i tried found somethin but i only found making a new toolbar, or backap etc

I don’t believe there is a way to edit it without messing with core scripts.

You could make a custom toolbar, though. You can do this by imitating the current system in place by creating your own backpack folder in the player, as well as coding the buttons on the toolbar to equip/unequip the tool in that slot.

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But i will need disable the original toolbar

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You can do this using
StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.Backpack, false)

Here’s some documentation for this function.

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I have these two resources
If you want to edit the toolbar

If you want to disable Toolbar

Do note disabling the toolbar will disable chat, so you can can disable all except chat then make toolbar transparency = 1 if you would like to keep chat

Edit: I appear to have misunderstood your question, sorry

I’m not quite sure you understanding what he is asking for. He’s asking about making a custom Toolbar, not Topbar. Regardless, setting the TopbarTransparency to 1 does not remove the chat?

Oh I thought he was referring to topbar. I said that disabling all coreGUI removes chat, not transparency.

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Thanks, i Will try do that, probaly Will workd

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