Is it possible to change the color contrast to black and white only within an area?

I made a skill on my game

I want made the colors inside that circle be like that

But only inside the circle and ALL players Will can see that area with that color, including the players outside the circle, is that possible?

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To my current understanding of the system, that is not possible right now. The best thing you can only do right now is make it so that everyone inside its range will have their vision affected, but even then that can’t be limited to a certain area. It’d have to be the entire game for them.

I will wait more people reply, but i think you are right

This currently cannot be done. The current post-processing effects can only be used on the entire scren as opposed to certain sections of it for the sake of performance. I do believe that other post-processing effects were considered in the past but it’s not easy to support them.

You might be able to hack something together using a ViewportFrame, but I strongly advise against it. As it is, you probably won’t be able to get the right results. Observe an attempt to do this using a ColorCorrectionEffect to tint the screen red as well as a ViewportFrame:

Why not create a part that work as mirror but with contrast Black?, Like If you create a Ice when you are inside you see BLUE, people outside see BLUE too

I’d recommend making a feature request in this case.

I’m not too sure what you mean by this, but if you want a certain shape to be visible when you view from inside, you either need to invert it or create a hollow shape that can be reasonably resized from the player outwards.