Is it possible to change the order of items in the explorer?

yeah the title pretty much explains my question


I’m pretty sure it’s always alphabetical and if it isn’t if you remove the items and then insert it again it will be sorted alphabetically


is it possible to insert them in a custom order tho?

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If you put numbers in the start of the name only then


I don’t usually need to arrange them in a custom order. If you’re relying on Explorer order for code purposes then that’s probably not a good idea. The way I normally access things by order is by naming them ObjectName(X), e.g ObjectName1,ObjectName2 and then using an i loop to access them via "ObjectName"..i.

However, simply dragging things around the Explorer to change the order does not work. It’s arranged by Class and in Alphabetical order.


Hi! In the explorer items are arranged alphabetically. However, If you’re looking to change UIListLayout order or UIGridLayout order, you should be able to see a propierty called “LayoutOrder”. Changing this will change the order on how the items are displayed.

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