Is it possible to create a Discord-Roblox bot that can rank users properly based on a certain amount of XP achieved?

Before you all bring up Clan Labs, I am heavily aware of it. I am quite intrigued of what Clan Labs has done and I am looking to recreate something like this myself. I am quite interested in this aspect of coding and I would like to know more, so I made this post to get the communities opinions on the matter.

As always, all and any help is appreciated, so thank you in advance :smile:

Not too sure what you mean by this, as I’ve never heard of Clan Labs. Could you go more in depth? To my understanding you’re looking for a Discord bot which communicates with a Roblox game, right? Or are you just looking for something that changes someones rank in a group?

A discord bot that can change a users rank in a specified Roblox group, depending on the amount of XP said user has.

Ahh alright, thanks for clarifying.

Assuming your Discord bot is being coded in node.js, the act of actually ranking a user should be fairly easy with noblox.js (npm install noblox.js). If you’d like a link to the specific doc on noblox for changing someones group rank let me know. In terms of levelling, not sure on how exactly you wanted to award XP but you could probably do something along the lines of awarding a random amount of XP per message with discords messageCreate event.

Keep in mind you’ll also need to use an external database to store xp information, but there are plenty of good ones which are easy to incorporate with discord bots. Try giving mongo or Firestore a try.

If you need anymore help or clarification let me know!

I see, I am quite familiar with noblox.js, yes. To specify for what I mean by XP, I basically mean, when said user attends a event they will get X amount of XP for attending. So, an officer would give the user the XP upon the event ending and that would be added to there current XP they have.

Any idea on how to make this possible? I am unsure what firestone is, I’ll have to check that out, thanks.