Is it possible to create multiple realities in one game?


My title might be a little bit confusing, but I’m wondering if it is possible to be in one place, the middle of the forest for example, and then walk through a door and be in a new place, maybe the desert. There is still the door to go back and forth, and if you look through the door, you see the forest, but everywhere else is a desert. Similarly to what happens in the movie ‘Doctor Strange’ where Strange is fighting Kaecilious and his disciples.

I’m not sure if this is even possible, or what it’d take to make it possible, but if anyone knows what I’m trying to figure out or needs me to explain it better, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Any help would be much appreciated.


I’ve seen it done before, but to a lower scale, and it requires clever use of math. I don’t remember the place but I remember it having a door frame in the middle of the map through which you could see a structure but going around it would show it to be empty.


I believe you’re describing Non-Euclidean Geometry.

It’s possible, but it’s more of a hack.

You can probably achieve something using the glass material, however I’m not sure how well supported that is.


People have been doing it with the new glass texture, exploiting a glitch it has. Basically nothing transparent renders behind it.

@Noxility don’t use said glitch because Roblox plans on patching it.


That stinks, I found that and was actually going to use it until seeing this.

What would be another way to do this?


I wish I could have been more useful on this thread, but I found a place showcasing Non-Euclidean Geometry that’s uncopylocked by listcross.


The way that one works is, it closes off just enough of the map, so once you get to x, it disables some of it, then enables another way to go, Not exactly what I’d like to do…But I might end up doing something like that if I can’t find another way. thanks for showing me that. :slight_smile:


No this was long ago I found it, way before glass was a thing. But it was on a small scale so I couldn’t really say how good it’d work for these intents.


I broke it :frowning:


These are some next level matrix illusions right here…