Is it possible to cut unwanted parts off meshes?

So, I have found a mesh that would fit PERFECTLY for my game. But theres a problem, Theres a part on it i do not want. Is there a way to crop or cut off certain parts on meshes?


You can use the union and negate options. You could also import it into a 3D modeling software like Blender, and form the mesh however you like.


Oh sorry, i shouldve clarified that ive tried negating it, but it comes up with an CSG error.

In that case, try my second solution, like Blender. Is the mesh one singular mesh part or is it one with other mesh part children? In that case, maybe the unwanted part is parented to the mesh and you can just delete it.

Ill try the blender option, but no, its all in the one mesh.


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