Is it possible to detect limb resize exploits from server

Hello first of all welcome to my topic i want to know if its possible to detect if exploiter is resizing its own limbs in order to reach to the ball from far and i want to make a server side anti cheat so i can prevent it also i can make remotes but exploiter can just spoof them

You can add a limit to how much length, width, height, etc. the limbs can be. Then if it is higher than the limit, you can know if it someone is exploiting. I haven’t tested this so I’m not sure.

uh i said imma do it server side can you explain how i can add a limit to it like resize the limbs to normal size again every time using a loop?

Are you talking about the number values in the humanoid, or are you saying the Vector3 size of a limb

Vector3 of the limbs because you have to resize your leg to reach the ball and how do i know this because i used that exploit for testing

Theres no way to do it using only server scripts, what I recommend doing is having a client sided check for that integrated with something important that would break their game if they removed - for example in My game if your client is above the allowed walkspeed it wont let you shoot your gun.
You can do something similar

There might be a better way to do this; but to my understanding exploiters cant just edit sections of the script, just remove it entirely

You could do this

local limit = limit e.g,25,25) or,25,0)

	local character = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
	for _,bodyPart in pairs(character:GetChildren()) do
		if bodyPart:IsA("BasePart") then
				if bodyPart.Size.X > limit.X or bodyPart.Size.Y > limit.Y or bodyPart.Size.Z > limit.Z then
					print(player.Name.." is a hacker!")

No they cannot edit the scripts because i am a exploiter too i have synapse but i dont use it i use it for testing purposes because of my game and i cant edit the script and synapse is the most popular and best exploit on the market rn

isnt that works for client only?

If they are allowed to resize their leg, just up to a certain limit, you can make resizing input in local script, but do the actual resizing on server using RemoteEvent. In the server you can easily check if its size is bigger than a certain vector, then kick the player or resize it back to normal limits.

I put it in the serverscriptservice

Plus, it works for me with no errors

i can just use remote function to get size of the limbs?

oh alright imma try it right now

In the part of the code where you are resizing, you can put an if statement

local size = char:FindFirstChild(“RightUpperLeg”).Size
local limitSize =, limitY, limitZ)
if size > limitSize then
–do whatever you wanna do, kick or resize back

posting your actual code here would help

i dont remember if you can compare two vector3s, if not, you can compare x, y, z separately

its an r6 game by the way just to let you know

My code will work with either r6 or r15

just to let you know it doesnt work on me for some reason

by the way i put it in a existing script so maybe thats why but its not giving any errors