Is it possible to disable Roblox's new part selection outline?

Is it possible to disable Roblox’s new part selection outline?


It’s a beta feature, so you can press file, then press beta features, then in that window scroll all the way down to “Selection Improvements” and turn it off (I have mine on in the picture).

You could also turn off beta channel enrollment if you have that on which is found at the top of that beta features window.

If you don’t want to completely get rid of it, I turned on the bounding box option to help with it. It can be found at the top under the view tab, and then in the settings category next to UI visibility and Switch windows.


is there any way to disable this now? it’s not a beta feature anymore


It’s publically available now. You can still revert back to the old bounding boxes by going to VIEW > Selection Style, then click Bounding Boxes.

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That isn’t the actual old bounding boxes, those use the newer highlight version.