Is it possible to do camera manipulation without the character spawning in?

I’m trying to create character creation however I do not want the character to spawn. However, whenever I set CharacterAutoLoads to false, the camera stays in the void. Is it possible to do camera manipulation without the character spawning in?

Yeah, just insert a script in StarterPlayerScripts or in StarterGui. The issue would be that in StarterGui, the gui won’t work until character spawns. The solution: make a script in workspace and manually parent the gui to the players PlayerGui

No. You cannot do client camera manipulation on the server.

Use a LocalScript under StarterPlayerScripts to do camera manipulation without waiting for the character to spawn.

Yes. What you’re going to want to do is make a local script and manually create a camera in the workspace and set the workspace.CurrentCamera to the camera you created. Then you just make sure the new camera’s .CameraType is set to Scriptable and you can manipulate it like normal.

EDIT: .CurrentCamera is a variable of the workspace, not the Player instance.

OP never said anything about doing it on the server, they were asking if it was possible at all.

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That is also wrong.

You don’t have to do that. Insert a LocalScript under StarterPlayerScripts with CharacterAutoLoads set to false and you can manipulate the workspace.CurrentCamera from there.

Double check who I was replying too.

I don’t think so, the client’s camera loads in after their character does in the workspace. So sadly nah, but you can make a fake version of this by sort of making it feel like the player hasn’t even spawned in yet.

Oops. I misread. I thought you were replying to OP. But on the other hand, I thought the camera isn’t initialized until after the character spawns. Is that wrong?

Yeah, the CurrentCamera gets initialized upon the player joining. This will work.

workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame =

Oh interesting I didn’t know that.

I never said server? I think you misread my entire post…

What I said was:

OP can infact do that by creating a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts or StarterGui, if OP wants to do camera manipulation say in a script in a gui then OP would have to use a server script to manually parent a clone of that GUI to the player’s PlayerGui as gui requires a character to load.

Please read the post carefully before correcting others!

No not really. Camera is kind of the first thing to load in roblox. After that depending on streaming enabled, workspace loads.

I’m referring to this section, not the first one. You don’t need to use a server script because LocalScripts inside PlayerScripts run without the character loading.

You understood it wrong then.

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