Is it possible to edit default Roblox animations?

l’m not an animator, but I need to have some animations for my game. I needed a slightly modified run cycle, so I thought, I will just modify the existing Roblox run animation.

I knew that you probably could edit others’ animations, but maybe with the exception of Roblox’s animations. I cant seem to find a way to do it though.

Is there any way to get access to the default Roblox animations and edit them?



Make sure to also go to Game Settings > Animations > Default


I meant like, take the animation itself, and modify it in the animation editor.

Oh, sorry, didn’t read end.
No, I don’t think you can get animations from Roblox page, I still don’t know how they are loading them if the place isn’t owner of the animation :open_mouth:

Press play, go to your character, get the Local Script called “Animate” and paste it in your workspace, get the AnimationId of the animation you want to edit and import it into your animation editor, when you are finished editing upload it and use it. Hope this helped!

Due to recent animator update, you can no longer import animations by id made by others.
But using this trick will help.

  • 1

    Copy the id of the animation you want to modify.

  • 2
    game:service("InsertService"):LoadAsset(YourAnimationId).Parent= workspace
    Replace ‘YourAnimationId’ to the animation Id you copied,

    and paste the code into command bar and press Enter

  • 3

    now get the Id of the animation you inserted

  • 4
    replace the id to the animation id you just got, execute the command again,
    and copy the ‘ImportedAnimation’ file

  • 5

    Now create a dummy, create an empty model, name it ‘AnimSaves’, paste ImportedAnimation you just copied into the ‘AnimSaves’, open Animation editor, load the animation and modify it


Just for ease of access (for anyone that sees this in the future), I’ve made a model that includes dummy rigs for every Roblox default animation. Feel free to take it! Here it is:

EDIT: for if the above link doesn’t work


I know this is from about 2 years ago but you can nolonger do this

It still works i just tried it

it still works to this day, Maybe you’ve done it wrong