Is it possible to edit Roblox default animations?

I want to import the basic Roblox animations like jumping and running into the animation editor and edit the animations

I’ve tried some methods but it seems like they don’t work anymore.

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When the player character spawns, it’s humanoid will have an “Animate” script. Copy this script, paste it in ReplicatedStorage (or wherever else you want) and modify the IDs in the script to the ones you want. Make sure it is disabled. Then, use another script (perhaps in startercharacterscripts) to delete the default animate script, and place your modified script in the humanoid, and enable it.

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I don’t want to change the animation IDs I want to import and edit the Roblox Jumping animation in the animation editor.

Oh, I see. You can find the animation IDs in the animate script and you should be able to edit them with that. Import from Roblox > Paste ID in TextBox

They might have actually removed the feature, here’s a post I found about it:

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