Is it possible to extend off a tycoon too much?


I recently finished my first game, Modern House Tycoon. However, I felt it to be too one dimensional in its gameplay. I want to explore giving the game more exploration, secondary income sources and so on as to discourage idle clicking and for players to interact and explore.

My only concern is that adding too much on the side of the main game objective could take away from it being a tycoon, evolving it into something else.

So my question is:

If I add exploration and/or minigames to a Tycoon game, could it take away from the base gameplay OR only add more appeal to the game?


Not at all, I personally think it is fine to do any of these, as it is your game, and no matter what anyone says, it will be your game. If anyone discourages you from making your own game the way you want it then ingore them. I did something like this a while ago and I listened to the people telling me to make it the way they wanted, and I regret it so much.

What I am saying is you do you. You do what you want to do!


Thanks! I appreciate that point of view.