Is It Possible to Farm Premium Payouts?

I have been wondering if there is a way to “farm” premium payouts. You get more robux the more time someone spends in a game. Would it be possible to make a game that is meant to be AFK’d (such as clicking simulators) for premium users and make a large amount of revenue from premium payouts?


It is possible but the game has to be engaging in some way and players will also have to see progression without AFKing.

If a player joins a game and instantly has to AFK, they will probably leave in under 10 minutes since they think that there is nothing to do. But if a player joins a game that is fun and engaging at first then slowly requires them to AFK, they will most likely play the game longer.


Sadly not.
The game itself must be very good, even then you still can’t farm the premium players.
They’re just normal players, they’re not going to make your game their priority.

Some games do this, where they have an AFK place which gives you rewards for afking. Anime Dimensions Simulator and Anime Adventures are 2 examples I can think of.

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Technically yes if you can get a premium player to stay in-game for a long time it will rack up payouts you could also try to make a alt and give it premium and let it afk


Theoretically, does this actually work? Isn’t it breaking Roblox ToS or something?

I do not know why it would not work or be against Roblox’s rules there does not seem to be anything about using premium accounts to collect payouts

And one of my premium friends stood in my game for a long time and i got a huge payout