Is it possible to fetch the image of Roblox's activated cursor and apply it to ClickDetectors?

I am currently working on a project that utilizes both ProximityPrompts and ClickDetectors to allow the player to interact with boxes and pots containing ingredients. While ProximityPrompts work fine, ClickDetectors use an old cursor image that does not mesh well with the rest of the Roblox UI. I was hoping to replace this image with the cursor used by Roblox UI and proximity prompts.

My first idea was to use the “CursorImage” property of ClickDetectors, but I’m not sure if this is even possible, as I don’t know how to
a) get the roblox cursor, or
b) apply it to the “CursorImage” property
Is it possible for me to get the cursor image that Roblox uses when hovering over UI / proximity prompts and have it appear when the player hovers over a part?

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You can change the cursor icon by uploading an image of a cursor to roblox library, then taking the ID of the image and setting it as the value for CursorIcon property.

I understand that, but is there any way I can get the Roblox cursor already in use for Roblox’s UI & proximity prompts and do this?
To clarify, here is the cursor that my game currently uses.
2022-10-04 (2)
And here is the cursor I would prefer it use that is already used by UI and prox prompts.
2022-10-04 (3)

i gotchu


Here, then you can just upload it and apply it to all your clickdetector.

If you have to many clickdetector, you can make a script to set it all whenever the game is starting.

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Thank you! I really appreciate the help.

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You could use this directory for the image, since this gets the cursor directly from client’s files: