Is it Possible To Find Bundle / Rthro Bundles Real ID

Im trying to find the Real Id For The Bundle “Ud’zal” Ud'zal - Roblox if i try to use this ID in any game it does not function, if i look at a older package item Polar Bear Head - Roblox it shows the ID in its desc, Is there any way to track Bundles ID for bundles like this? (Ud’zal)

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What if you tried scrolling down and looking at the specific packages for arms/legs. They have specific IDs you can use.

Information about what is contained within a bundle can be obtained using either…

Both of these take the ID you find in the URL at the top (495 for Ud’zal) and return a dictionary with information about the bundle; the items that make up the bundle will be contained in the “Items” table of the returned dictionary. Both functions are network calls, so be sure to wrap them in pcall in case they throw an unexpected error.