Is it possible to generate a direct connect link that connects a user to a specific server?

Hey! I’m looking to create a modcall system that includes a link for moderators to directly join the server called to. Kinda like a private server link.

Is this feasible easily or without access to an external server? I’ve seen it done before, but I’m not sure how to accomplish it, or if I can.

Any information & advice would be of use. Thanks,

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Next time don’t use ChatGPT to give out answers, :GetJoinScript does not exist as a method of TeleportService. If you don’t know the solution then don’t post anything.

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Have a look at TeleportService:TeleportToPlaceInstance(). You’d need to find a way to retrieve the JobId of the server you want to teleport to, which could be done by the player submitting a report form that is then forwarded to a discord webhook, for example, and having the Moderator insert that JobId into some sort of panel which then teleports them into the correct server.

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