Is it possible to get a game popular without social media?

Hello! So I am planning to release a game pretty soon and I do not have access to social media. Will it be possible to get my game popular?

Yes, word of mouth is pretty powerful.

Just by telling a few of your friends and then they tell their friends and they tell their friends and so on

Obivously the game has to be good enough to talk about

You don’t need social media to advertise a game. It just helps it a lot more. You can stick to ads and sponsoring, but it probably wont be as effective.

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That’s good to know! I’ll get back to you when I start advertising

You definitely don’t need social media to make your game successful!

Depending on the genre, building a community could be as simple as having friends help you spread the word. In my experience, not only did I use zero social media, but I also didn’t put any money into advertising at all, and simply relied on spreading the word amongst people who share an interest in that genre.

Effectiveness in game growth strategies is highly dependent on what the game genre is, the size of the genre’s community, and some other factors as well, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

That’s awesome to hear! With all these replies I feel more confident in my game getting popular!

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