Is it possible to get a gear's 2D icon ingame?

Hey everyone, I was wondering how I could get this gear’s icon onto an ImageLabel via a script without uploading it myself. Is that possible?

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If you are able to get hold of the gear’s model through InsertService:LoadAsset you could use a ViewportFrame to be able to apply the gear as a 2d image on a Gui.

I’ve never worked with Gear items so I’m not sure if there i

Have you found a solution to this? Cause I’ve been wondering the same and I seem can’t to find an answer anywhere.

Seems like I’ve found a solution to this. Every Tool has a property called TextureId, just simply get that property and insert it to every part or something that you wanna put it on.

You can use MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(assetId, Enum.InfoType.Asset) to get the data behind any asset (includes name on site, uploader, price, image, etc).


This was a very long time ago, but I believe I used @Tom_atoes’s solution.

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Oh, never knew you can do this, thanks!

Another way is:

Using new image endpoints.
Url to get asset icon:{gearID}&width=420&height=420&format=png



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