Is it possible to get a roblox build rig in blender to accurately build my models according to the size?

The question is in the title I guess. I also would like to know if getting a Roblox Build Rig in Blender will be accurate to the size that it will look like in the studio if that makes sense… Sorry if this is a dumb question.

I generally make a very rough Union to scale of the object I’m planning on Meshing, then export it to Blender and work with it there. When imported back to Roblox it’s the same size.

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So I am able to export a build rig from Roblox to Blender and it still keeps an accurate representation right?

Pretty much.
Export it, work on it at that scale, then import it and you’re still in the same scale when you bring it back.

Would it do the same with the baseplate? I tried exporting the baseplate from Roblox Studio to get the same size in Blender but when I exported it from Blender and imported it in Roblox Studio, the model was a lot larger. Sorry if that was confusing. Is there a way to get the correct size of the baseplate to Blender since I’m in need of that.

Did you make it a Union? It should work out to the same size since every Union I’ve exported has been equally sized from Roblox to Blender.

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