Is it possible to get attribute on player with separated script?

a lot has been going well on my game, so basically one of my game “Boss Mayhem” has a physics controller added but the problem is that.


These attributes are created once player is spawned but to yield attributes from player character, i need a way to access it but again detecting it would be a head scratchy as i don’t know if it’s possible via CharacterAdded nor do i have methods, to make sure that i can set walk speed via script itself

Originally i was about to implement the sprint by making custom addon but OOP and it’s functions were failed due to unrecognized events although i did everything but still doesn’t do anything so i decided that i could try making sprint script to work by yielding it’s attribute.

So how do i actually get attribute from specific player?

Player:GetAttribute(“Attribute”) == true / false / nil

eventually fixed this since it’s painful to yield the attributes, i missed some components inside the module, though bugs are occured after that but I’ll get into it soon

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