Is it possible to get info of song you're playing in Spotify using their API and call that into Roblox?

Hi there, I am very new to how API’s work and httpservice, etc. What I’m trying as an experiment, is to see if it’s possible if I could somehow display info on the current song playing in Spotify into Roblox. All I really need is to atleast achieve info from what is playing, and sending that info back to Roblox using some sort of API. I’ve seen similar things like this such as how Luiboard AI uses an API get info and send it back as a player sends a chat. If there is a documentation that can help me understand further context, please link below. I am very new to this type of stuff and wish to learn more if only there was easy explanation.

Sorry if you are questioning what I am saying, but this is just what I’m trying to explain.

I did also see a bit of info on the API I am talking about: Get Currently Playing Track | Spotify for Developers

I am also quite new to how httpservice works.


You can’t play audio in the roblox engine unless its uploaded as a sound on the libary. At least without exploits

So unless you want to use a 3rd party api to download and upload the songs to roblox (which will probably get you in trouble) I don’t see any other method.

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No like, as in get info of what song is playing in spotify and send that info to Roblox, not actually play those songs; that’ll of course get me in trouble.

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i mean you can theoretically upload loads of different frequencys/notes or whatever and then sequence those audios into songs, speech or whatever pretty sure thats how people used to make voice chat in roblox.

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yes it is possible to do but there are a few other things it depends on for example, if its other peoples spotifiys you want to monitor how are you going to find that data, through discord perhaps?, if its just your data though should be easy enough to log into spotifiy on chrome or sumn and use a webscraper to copy the relevant data to somewhere that can be accessed by robloxs http service.

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I see. Do you have any sources or documentation that can link to how you would do something like this similar? I was reading httpservice docs and it had an example where you could print the Nasa info from a website to roblox using json. I don’t understand much stuff but do get the concept a bit.

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You cannot play audio with API. the only way to do so is by uploading a sound for 25 robux in the library.
But it is possible to play songs ingame with API but it has to be a sound file that was approved by roblox.

Not sure if the Roblox’s https service can play songs accordingly to a Spotify list even if you have the songs list but maybe.

But you could create a robot via discord that plays songs ingame which is pretty cool ngl.

Please read the post. I am asking if you can get info, not play the audio. I am asking if it’s possible to grab info from Spotify of what they are playing and send that info into Roblox which could be used for a gui displayed over your name.


Just letting you know, I do not want to play audio from Spotify to Roblox, but grab info of what song is playing in Spotify and send that to Roblox. This could be used for displaying a gui over your head of what song you are playing in Spotify.

Maybe this link will be useful Get Currently Playing Track | Spotify for Developers

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use a HTTPGet request

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