Is it possible to get PlayerScripts on ServerSide?

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    I really need the PlayerScripts of a player on the server side, I play a door animation on the server side and I have to make sure that when the door is open, the player goes to the other side of the door by pathfinding and then the player can’t move again until the door was closed (I have to make sure that the player is stuck in a room so it can’t break the stoy)

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    The problem is that I know from this post that it is impossible to get the PlayerScripts from the server side.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Have you looked for solutions in the Developer Hub?
    Yes, I have already searched, but there is no solution for this problem here.

I know how to make the player stop moving, but I have to get the player script from the server side (because the animation is played on the server side)

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Unfortunately you cannot get Scripts inside PlayerScripts in ServerSide. However there are alternative way to get the local script, you can either place the script in PlayerGui or Backpack or even Player’s Character instead of PlayerScripts

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Thx @BlaxorReborn, but the main Problem is that this script is made by Roblox, and i not really want to move out Roblox‘s principal Movement system, then maybe its only work in the PlayerScripts Folder, and if yes i can‘t copy the code, paste it into another place and modify it.

If you already know you can’t get PlayerScripts from the server, then I’m not quite sure what the intention of this thread is because you already have your answer provided.

Use remotes to ask the client to do something.


Sorry for late respond…
Since the local script runs on PlayerGui and Backpack. I can copy everything from the PlayerScripts once the game starts running, place it in StarterGui and make the StarterPlayerScripts.Archivable = false. Surprisingly the game still runs perfectly fine and that way you can modify it. However doing so might break some of the Script that roblox has provided.

Screen Shot 2563-05-17 at 11.03.12

This is not recommended even though it is a big brain solution.