Is it possible to have different skyboxes in different areas?

ok so idk if i need to write this at this topic, but i have an question.
is there any script that changes skybox at a area? like this
btw i dont know scripting so i need simple answers


Get the textures of a skybox, add them in one area, and locally, when the player goes through that divider, change the skybox for him to be red, does that make any sense, if not, I will break it down to the roots if you would like? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Have a region3 or part in that area(a part is better). And detect when the player enters or leaves the part or region3. To add a skybox, you create a skybox in lighting and add an image to it. Change the assetid to change the skybox. But, make sure that you’re using a local script.

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Expanding on what @ekuz0diaa said, a skybox can be modified locally on the client, so you would need a localscript to be able to check when the player is in a certain area, and update the sky accordingly when they enter or exit that area.

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