Is it possible to have higher ranks in the forum being Spanish speaking?

There is a small percentage of Spanish speakers in the forum who are at or above ‘Regular’.
My question is based on the probability of obtaining them
even though English is not my native language and I have to try harder than they do?

There are many parts of the world where people do a good job on the forum for months and deserve to be recognized

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I heard that the Regular promotion thing is shut, so it’s not possible now.

But when they do come back, I think language might take you a little longer to be Regular, because it probably takes longer to read through the post and see if there is anything against TOS.

One of the sages is a Spanish speaker. That’s about as high as you can go, so it’s absolutely possible.


No, the process is automated, so that’s false.

No, in think post-approval is closed, no one has gone upstairs to regulate in months.

It doesn’t really matter what your primary language is


I don’t speak Spanish, but it’s absolutely possible, regardless of language. The post buildthomas linked above shows the flow followed by all users.