Is it possible to have succes with my obby game?

Hey! I will soon release a obby game like Easy Obby and the other ones. My goal is to have 1-10 CCU. I will sponsor it but do you think it will have that amount of CCU even after the sponsorship or at least while the sponsorship is active?

it all depends.

the genre is quite oversaturated, so your chances are quite slim. but, if your name and game thumbnail are both catchy, those can increase your chances at success. another factor is how many robux you’re willing to spend to fund sponsors. the more robux you spend, the more people get to see your ads/sponsors. i’d go heavier on the ads, because almost nobody clicks on those “sponsored games”. if you’re looking for a specific game, you want to play that game, not “Fishing Tycoon! :fish: [ Sponsored! ]”

also, if you want to stand out from the competition, then you need to have a strong selling point. if you wouldn’t play your own game over the competition, why would anyone else?

Create mechanics in the game that are different from others so that people are more interested in your game because it has unique characteristics

Why not make the same game (just a sky rainbow obby, not literally copying another game)? There are a lot of similar obbies with slight differences in stages, GUIs, etc… and they seem to have succes, so why won’t another one with the same gameplay experience have succes?

The thing is, there is already enough or should I say too plenty of them on the front page, thousands of them had the same sponsor attempt of yours but died off lately, and later joined the million that are impossible to be found by any means without sponsors.

And if they see your game, why should they pick yours over the ones they see, which have well over 1k CCUs, anyway? Well, their games are no different from yours, but just imagine you see two Murder Mystery 2’s, one with 100k playing and one with 20 playing, which will you pick? After they’re done with this game that has 1k, they will just move on to another that also has 1k or get bored of this genre and hop on to something else.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, you can acheive great success with that game of yours. It’s just that you would have better luck getting good profit off lottery tickets.

As AamTum said, I think you would have infinitely better luck with creating that very same thing, but with some unique mechanics and features so that players would have alteast a reason to pick yours. Even if you got very lucky and became the no1 easy obby game on the front page, don’t you want triple the audience with just good and unique mechanic that others can hardly copy?

More uniquely fun or enjoyable mechanic leads to more players and playtime → decrease the need for sponsors and more robux. But it will require you to think a little for unique ideas, do not so little to make those ideas possible (if even possible), and watch truck loads of those ideas fail miserably to eventually get one that works.

Even if you did such hard work, you’re still competing with so so many others that also try or tried doing this same thing, making something unique. No matter how hard you try or how beautiful your ideas are, just remember that there is always countless who did or will do the same things better than you or me.

That is why you will always have to try get out of your comfort zone and push your limits. That sounded very cliche, but if you don’t feel absolutely uncomfortable with going through this, then you don’t stand a chance. This does not just apply to roblox development, but to everything else in life that involves competition.

Anyway, it seems that this reply was not made primarily made for you, but rather for myself. I have noticed that I’ve been not so serious in something for quite some time and this topic of yours just made me had some thought about it, through my own reply.

Good luck with your creations tho, this is just the beginning! And also thank you!

Man, if I were you I would not read allat. Didn’t realize it’s that long…

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No problem bro, you are right. I will still try to release this game and if it doesnt work i will try to make more unique games. Thanks for your reply!

Thank you for providing a short story paragraph so how obby games can be interesting🥲